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Manitoba Provincial Nominee Visa

This government immigration program selects skilled workers and their families who are interested in settling in the province of Manitoba. The MPNP bases their skilled workers selection process on how the possible immigrants can be a positive asset to Manitoba's economy and society as permanent residents.

Basic Requirements

To be able to apply under the nomination program for this province, must have legal status in the country the applicants are residing in, provide proof of having the required skills, work experience and be English proficient enough to find a job in the intended job field, be able to provide for oneself and the dependants even while actively looking for employment.

This program has different types of streams which include the General Stream, the Employer Direct Stream and the Strategic Initiative Stream.

For the General type of Stream, successful nominees must either have; a close relative, two friends or distant relatives who can all be able sign affidavits of support; or have completed education in Manitoba or have worked previously in Manitoba for at least 6 months.

For the Employer Direct Stream, successful nominees must either already have a full-time job in Manitoba or be working for at least 6 months in Manitoba under a legal work permit offering a permanent full-time position.

For the Strategic Initiatives Stream, An applicant maybe qualified if they either have; been interviewed by a MPNP officer, received an invitation to apply as a part of a targeted overseas promotional initiative of a MPNP, or been part of an exploratory visit to Manitoba, or be supported by a cultural or ethnic organization for the community in Manitoba that will assist in having an exploratory visit that has already been approved by the program.

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