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Low Skilled Pilot Project Visa

This program is mainly designed for foreign workers that are looking to work temporarily in jobs that either requires no more than 2 years of job-specific training or a high school diploma. Applicants must also have the required education, work experience and licensing that is needed for the job offer and meet the temporary residence requirements as well.

This program is intended to fill labour shortages for lower skilled jobs where there are not enough Canadians to fill. This visa holder would have temporary entry into Canada to work in a lower skilled job that is in demand for the time period that the work permit is valid. This visa holder while gaining work experience can also get a renewal for a 2 year stay in Canada.

Basic Requirements

To obtain this visa, those applying will need a job offer from a Canadian employer in a job that would fall under low-skill. The job offer must have:

  • Workers compensation plan and medical coverage in Canada.
  • Benefits associated with transportation costs
  • Working conditions and job responsibilities, wages.
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