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International Agreements Visa

As a sponsor to many international agreements, Canada is able to give flexibility to workers who meet the conditions stated in the various agreements and foster trade, exchange of skills, labour and encourage flexibility through America.

Qualified applicants visas are processed with rush handling, generally without having to go through Service Canada. Once this visa is obtained, foreign workers can work and live in Canada for the time period given on their work permit and may be able to apply for permanent residency during their stay.

Basic Visa Requirements

3 main international agreements are as follows:

NAFTA-North American Free Trade Agreement, Citizens of Canada, the US, and Mexico can get faster and easier temporary entry into the 3 countries if it is business or investment related. Business people that are covered by NAFTA have to follow the general regulations on temporary entry to Canada. NAFTA is for business visitors, professionals, intra-company transferees, and traders and investors.

GATS-General Agreement on Trade Services, Canada is focused on making it easier for some business people who are foreign service providers for certain areas to get into the Canadian market. GATS is for business visitors, professionals, and intra-company transferees.

CCFTA-The Canada-Chile Free trade agreement is kind of like NAFTA making it simpler for both Canadian and Chilean citizens to temporarily visit each other's countries and applies to professionals, intra-company transferees, business visitors, and traders and investors

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