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Federal Self Employed Class

This program is for those that are skilled and able to employ themselves in Canada. This program looks mainly to attract applicants that are thinking to be self employed through cultural or athletic activities or through managing a farm in Canada. Self employed people must have the experience required in either the cultural or athletic life of Canada or the managing of a farm in Canada if they do not purchase it. Once approved, the applicant will be able to be a permanent resident and reside and work in Canada with their families.

Basic Requirements

Qualified individuals must be able to prove their experience in athletic, cultural or farming activities, have enough funds to support themselves and their family once arriving and be able to show they are interested in becoming self employed in Canada. There are also additional requirements that must be met;

  • Have the ability to become self employed to the province that they will be going to.
  • Be proficient enough in English or French
  • Be able to get at least 35 points on the points based assessment
  • Be experienced or self employed in a world class level in cultural activities, or athletics, farm management experience.
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