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Quebec Investor Visa

Quebec is able to direct its own immigrant investor program because of the Canada-Quebec accord. The province of Quebec does select it's investors and they must plan to live in Quebec as well. This program like the federal investor program encourages newcomers to invest, however this program is for investors that are looking to invest in Quebec's economy. Qualified candidates must have large amount of fundamental or capital to invest and be experienced business persons. Applicants must also be able to record their net worth and business activities and have the needed amount of legally acquired funds. Once approved, applicants and their families would be able to live and work in Quebec.

Basic Requirements

The following are necessary for the applicant to be qualified for this program:

  • Settle in Qu├ębec
  • To meet the basic requirements for health and character
  • Be able to meet the required points on the points based assessment
  • Have enough funds to support oneself and their family
  • Be able to invest 400,000 Canadian dollar with a financial agent
  • Have a net worth of $800,000 CDN
  • 2 years of business experience

Once the successful candidate is able to make an investment of 400,000 it will be returned to the applicant after 5 years.

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