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Welcome To Singapore

The government of Singapore spends a huge amount on education, which forms the topmost priority of the government.

The institutes of higher education and the universities in Singapore provide excellent opportunities in higher education.

The curriculum at the institutes has been patterned on a modular system. Also the undergraduate and the graduate programs are multi-disciplinary in nature as they are designed keeping in mind the ability, interest, and the ambitions of each student.

By choosing to study in Singapore, international students have an opportunity to not only be plugged into an education system that promotes excellence, but also be a part of a global community. T

This country has the best of East and West since people from different origins like Indian, Chinese, Malay and Eurasian live here and English is the commonly used language. This is a multi cultural country where all festivals are celebrated.

The Singapore Island has a lot of activities and tourist attractions which make studying there fun. It is cosmopolitan and has excellent infrastructure with traveling made very easy and affordable for the common man with efficient bus service and MRTL.

The living facilities are modern yet inexpensive for students with good hostels and home stay options. There are a wide range of foods and cuisine, as well as the proliferation of shops in the city and suburban centers.

There are very good weekend options for adventure lovers and the weather is always bright and sunny. Also, the night life is vibrant with the discos and pub culture very popular in Singapore.

Premier education hub which offers students an international perspective and diversity of options.

Tuition fees are affordable and the cost of living is still significantly lower than of many developed countries.

It is fairly close to India encouraging students to visit home during every academic break. It is consistently acknowledged to be a global business hub with its developed infrastructure, political stability and open business policy.