St. Lawrence College is committed to offering superior educational experiences for the international students. We have students from over 40 countries in our three campuses located nearest major Cities of Ontario- Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall.

         We are an SPP college located in Eastern Ontario, established in 1967.

         Special Programs for Engineering & Medical Students.

         We have over 100 programs for international students and very unique ones like

o    Logistics and Supply Chain Management,

o    Computer Networking and Technical Support

o    Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technician,

o    Game Development Technician and various other programs that prepare the student for various job markets.

o    Health Care Administration.

         We have been rated Excellent in Graduate Employment Rate among all Ontario Colleges (88.2% according to KPI Rating 2014).

         Our students after completion of the programs get jobs with the starting salary of $25000 -$40000 which makes them eligible for PNP Ontario unlike any other Ontario colleges.  

New Maths requirements for Indian Students

All the students from India with grade 10 Math  and who meet SPP requirements (at least a 50% Math score, within the first or second class overall and a 6.0 IELTS score - no less than 5.5 in each band) will be eligible to apply to ALL SLC full time programs which require a grade 11 Maths.

(Note: Programs which require a grade 12 math will still need a grade 12 Math from India or equivalent).  

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